Introduction to Weekend Resume Makeover

Welcome to the Weekend Resume Makeover!

We're so glad you're here.

A few very quick words about why we built this course, and what you can expect to learn before we turn you loose to go construct your Ridiculously Awesome Resume.

The idea for Weekend Resume Makeover came to us in early 2015. We'd been receiving frequent requests from potential customers -- people who'd seen an amazing job opportunity pop up and wanted to apply quickly, but their resumes just weren't ready.

They wanted us to construct an amazing resume angled to that specific role, and they wanted it done fast.

Unfortunately, we're almost never available to take on a rush project and, even when we are, the added expense of rush fees is cumbersome or impossible for many job seekers.

Enter: The Weekend Resume Makeover

This course is designed for anyone who finds a cool job and wants to act on it very quickly -- with an incredible, on-point and “you-had-us-at-hello” resume. It’s also for people who, even if you're not in a pants-on-fire rush, know you need help writing your resume (but the thought of sitting down to construct the darned thing makes you want to run screaming in the other direction).

In Weekend Resume Makeover, we’ll take you step-by-step through the very same process we use at to develop resumes for our own clients. And we’ll teach you how the decision making / hiring process works (from the perspective of both the resume scanning software and the human reviewer), so that when you do apply for that incredible new job, you have a real shot at landing an interview.

And the best news of all? We’ll get you through the whole thing in a weekend or less.

Ready to get started?

What You'll See in Each Module

  • A video lesson teaching you different resume basics
  • Bullet point text takeaways so you can remember the key points in the video
  • Bonus materials like downloadable resume templates, lists of great resume words, and sample resumes

Questions as you get started? We're right over at [email protected].

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